01_Realistic Diamond Scene

Note: you can no longer save PSD files from octane by stopping your render part way threw. To learn new ways of saving renders and workarounds, check this video out herer.

Note: My recording software had issues when I recorded this, so I'm afraid that there are very low frame rates at parts in the video.
I've made sure that the video was edited in a way that still made it easy to follow. This all said, if there is any spots in the video where you are confused about whats going on, please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to resolve the issue.

I mention in this video that the HDRI I'm using came from HDRI Haven, Here is the link to there website, witch I highly recommend checking out! https://hdrihaven.com PS. Big thanks to Philippe Pappaert, who first introduced me to HDRI haven :)!

Tutorials on Diamond Modeling

This another good video on learning to make a realistic diamond, this one was recommended to me by Philippe Pappaert.

In this video we tackle are first project based scene.
We will start with just a plane diamond model, that I supply in the Scene files download folder. We will then setup the scene with lights, textures, and render settings to create the render shown bellow.

Note: To further improve render times, I recommend setting your Coherent ratio to .1, for animations, and .3 or .5 for stills.

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