Octane Master Course by John Burdock

Octane Master Course

110+ videos, and over 50 hours of training. Plus continuous updates for over 3 years after launch!
Updates End On August 15th, 2021.

After Joining

If you decide to purchase the Octane Master Course, make sure to check your email for an invite to the Octane Master Course Discord server!
Note: Joining the Discord server is not required, just a great benefit if your interested :)!

Octane Master Course Overview

The Octane Master Course is the first fully comprehensive series of video tutorials for Octane Render in Cinema 4D. This training follows a linear progression from beginner level all the way to advanced, so you can dive in no matter where you are at.

Topics Included

Topics include basic introduction, overview of all the lights, materials and objects, compositing in 3rd party applications such as After Effects and Photoshop, Toon Lights, node editor, an overview of every node in Octane, techniques for removing fireflies, rendering with an alpha channel, Octane Scatter, working with hair, SSS, render layers, fog, and volumetric lighting, 3rd party plugins, and programs like X-Particles, Turbulence FD, and Substance Painter, optimizing render performance, and so much more.

Your Teacher

John Burdock is a 3D motion graphics artist that has been in the industry for over 6 years.
His tools of choice are Cinema 4D, Octane render, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine.
His goal is to use these tools to create art that inspires others, and share what he's learned with the world!
His Website

Now With Project Based Videos

Get access to all the assets used to create theses renders, and a compete walk through from start to finish, so you can make your own!

Free Asset Files

You get access to free asset files, such as scene files, VDB Volumes, PBR Textures, Scene Layouts, and much more! 

Now With 10 Free Physically Correct Metallic Materials

Want to learn to make these your self? Check out the free sample tutorial called "Metallic Material"
Metallic Material Sample Video

Testimonials For The Course

I just finished all of the Octane Master Course training videos and my mind is blown! Thank you so much for crafting this resource. This has been a fantastic ride over the last month and resulted in imitate improvements with my rendering speed, quality. and experience with Octane. The training has removed the barriers of rendering so I can focus all my attention on the work. I sincerely appreciate this product, its easily worth every penny.
Joel Freeman
Just purchased your tutorials. Really love your teaching style, the methodical nature of how you go about breaking things down in depth and your general warm tone for all videos. Well done good sir.
Richard Whit
Hello !
I just wanted to thank you for this course that I have been taking for some time now, being a novice in the world of 3D it has allowed me to improve a lot. Indeed your course is clear, complete and very well done and I think I will spend a lot more time on it to really learn to master octane.
I think it's important to say when something is great. 
Thank you and good continuation
Marius Marzal
best available course for octane in the whole net. waited years to find a course also made for advanced users... epic work! 

For me as a 3D artist doing his passion for his living, the course from John is a kind of fundamental knowledge base. Every button and every single function is explained in wonderful way and perfect structure. A MUST HAVE course for beginners and pros! 
Check out neo3D's website here 
A must for anyone using/new to octane - you’ve done a great job on this @epicjcreations  i like the short video format and organization of content is easy follow and refer back to when needed, easy scrub and skip to relevant bits. Many tutorial series are not as well organised. (This is not a paid promotion!)
Leonie Bradbury
I’ve managed to find time to get through about half of the first ‘chapter’ of the course.  So far I give the course a five-star rating.  You are a great teacher.  I’m new to Octane, and it feels like you are giving just enough information in each segment for me to learn new ideas, but not so much that I would feel overwhelmed
Micheal Fleming
This is a great series of training videos. Easy to follow along and clear cut instruction. Highly recommend!
Troy Benesch
I am having a great moment as a student of your Octane Master Course and wanted to express how thankful I am for sharing your knowledge. Such a premium course even available for a person who lives on the opposite side of the earth! Thank you so much, and I promise I will get all I can out of it.
Haram Lee
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Reese Berkman
This course has taught me so much about octane in 1 week. Im so pleased i bought this, just wish i had done it sooner. Great product. Thank you for putting it together. I really see this helping to propel my creativity
Hi John,
Just wanted to let you know how much I am loving your Octane master course.
The in-depth knowledge is great and I am learning so much.
Keep up the good work.
I really liked the X particles  Compositing onto the video footage.
Martin Russell
Many thanks, John, for your Octane Master Course, 46 hours is a long time to be consistently interesting and you achieved it.  Hey I was even watching tutorials on vacation!

What Students Have Made.

Pierre Magnol created this breathtaking animation after joining the Octane Master Course. He particularly used the Octane Fog tutorial to give his environment such beautiful depth.
Vimeo Link

Yar Kukhtin

Yar Kukhtin created this stunning Demo Reel where the audio and visuals are in beautiful harmony.
In Mr.Delete's own words, here is how the course helped him. "As a beginner in 3D looking to achieve photo/hyper realistic renders, it wouldn't have been possible without the extensive attention to detail that John demonstrates in his lessons.  Naturally I ran into technical issues while working on my reel. The multitude of workarounds and references that John highlights were always on hand for me as a resource. Would highly recommend this course not only for professionals looking to expand their techniques."
Mr.Delete's Instragram
This beautiful piece was created by Ron Clauss. In Ron's own words, here is how the Octane Master Course helped him in making this incredible render!
"All the knowledge about material nodes with all the tricks and hints have been very valuable! Since I took your course I have a much better understanding of Octanes material system!
And btw: your course is by far the most comprehensive and very well done collection of tutorials! I like the way you have prepared, conceived and recorded this course. Thanks for that!"
Ron's Instagram
Brian modeled and textured both of theses beautiful Octane Renders! The Octane Master Course helped him out particularly with the substance to Octane workflow, as well as learning about nodes and lighting. He even used what he learned about hair in Octane to create the dust on the grenade render.
Brian's Website

Previous Teaching Experience.

In 2016 I was hired to create the "Normal Maps to Unreal Engine" Tutorial series. It was then published on Cineversity. Check it out by clicking the button below.

Testimonials From My Youtube Tutorials

This is by far the best tutorial I've ever watched. So clear and understandable.
Ethan Busse
This is the epitome of a perfect tutorial. Explained everything, no unnecessary information, great tempo! Can't wait to check out your other stuff sir.
Dude, I loved every second of your video. Finally someone who understands how to convey knowledge and what problems can arise in understanding. I have to tell you that you really have talent for teaching.
Attila Camdeviren
John, just wanna say that this video, among the many others you have made, has been very informative and helpful in teaching me a new skill and also furthering my understanding of basic core concepts of textures/materials inside of Cinema 4D and Octane. 

Seriously, thank you so much for committing the time which you do to these tutorial videos. I've been doing 3D related stuff for about a year, totally self taught, so when I'm able to find someone who puts out quality orientated content, it really means a lot and makes such a world of difference in my own personal learning. 
Wow, amazing tutorial. You speak like a radio announcer, without mistake or pause. My native language is not English, but I understood everything you said in this best tutorial I've ever seen about Octane. Cool! Unfortunately, I only can give one thumbs up. Awesome presentation, I will see all your videos, thanks!
Check out my YouTube Page!

Examples of my work

Your probably wondering if I know enough about Octane Render to be teaching a course on it.

I'll let my work answer that question for you. :)
My Work

Octane Master Course Discord channel

A place for all members of the Master Course to hang out and ask questions, complete with live support from me on any Octane-related questions. As a member of the Octane Master Course, you will be part of a group that determines what I will release next. If majority of the group wants me to make a video first on Octane V4.0's new noise reduction system instead of another feature I had planned, that is what I'll teach first.

Free Tutorial Samples!

For a list of all the free Octane tutorials I have out, check out this YouTube playlist I made.
Youtube Playlist

Status of the Octane Master Course

To help me keep track of all the videos I have created, and plan on creating, I have a Google Sheet setup to list everything I'm doing, have done, and plan to do with the Octane Master Course!
Want to see where its headed? Check the button below!
Google Sheet

What's included?

Video Icon 118 videos File Icon 10 files Text Icon 3 text files

Note: Many more videos will be added in future updates.

Octane Master Course Promotion
2 mins
Update 06/13/2019
Handling Videos with Older Versions of Octane
12 mins
Overview: New Users Start Here
Start Here 01_Overview
3 mins
02_What is Octane Render
10 mins
03_Why You Should Buy Octane
56 mins
04_How To Download and Install Octane and C4D Plugin
17 mins
05_Introduction to the Octane Interface and Live Viewer
16 mins
06_Setting up a Octane Layout
13 mins
07_Basic Material Overview
31 mins
08_Basic Render Settings
38 mins
09_Overview of the CameraImager
39 mins
10_Recommended Render Settings and how to save
6 mins
11_Adjusting Basic Interface Settings
15 mins
01_Using Octane Lights Part 1
32 mins
02_Using Octane Lights Part 2
15 mins
03_Using Toon Lights
11 mins
04_Using octane Daylight
24 mins
05_Using Octane Planetary
37 mins
06_Using Textures With Lights
12 mins
07_Using HDRI and Texture Environment Objects
28 mins
08_Using HDRI and Daylight Objects Together
20 mins
09_Using Objects as Lights with Materials
12 mins
01_Diffuse Material
44 mins
02_Glossy Material
56 mins
03_Specular Material
54 mins
05_Toon Material
40 mins
06_Mix Material
10 mins
07_Octane Texture Manager
18 mins
08_Using C4D Shaders in Octane
17 mins
09_Octane Open LiveDB
19 mins
10_Saving Materials (Quick Tip)
5 mins
01_Camera Overview
12 mins
02_Depth of Field (Quick Tip)
10 mins
03_Using Motion Blur
28 mins
04_Depth Of Field and Thinlens Settings
32 mins
01_Introduction To Nodes
26 mins
02_Node Editor Settings (Quick Tip)
8 mins
03_Setting Up A Node Layout
3 mins
04_Material Node
13 mins
05_Mix Material Node
6 mins
07_Image Texture Node
46 mins
08_RGB Spectrum Node
4 mins
09_Gaussian Spectrum Node
23 mins
10_Float Node
8 mins
11_W Coordinate Node
8 mins
12_Baking Texture Node
29 mins
13_Transform Node
15 mins
14_Projection Node
33 mins
15_Checker Node
5 mins
16_Dirt Node
16 mins
17_Falloff Node
20 mins
18_Marble Node
17 mins
19_Noise Node
18 mins
20_Random Color
12 mins
21_Ridged Fractal Node
10 mins
22_Side Node
7 mins
23_Turbulence Node
9 mins
24_Clamp Texture Node
7 mins
25_Color Correction Node
8 mins
26_Cosine Mix Node
10 mins
27_Gradient Node
40 mins
28_Invert Node
3 mins
29_Mix Texture Node
7 mins
30_Multiply Node
10 mins
31_Add Node
7 mins
32_Subtract Node
5 mins
33_Triplanar Node
21 mins
34_Displacement Node
33 mins
35_Black Body and Texture Emission Nodes
6 mins
36_Absorption Medium Node
19 mins
37_Random Walk Medium SSS
32 mins
38_Vertex Map Node
15 mins
39_Bitmap Node
14 mins
40_Colorizer Node
7 mins
41_"MG" Mograph Color Node
40 mins
42_C4D Gradient Node
12 mins
43_C4D Noise Node
9 mins
Advanced Techniques
01_Advanced Settings
33 mins
02_Removing Noise/Firefly's
28 mins
03_Octane Render(er) Panel Overview
13 mins
04_How to Save Octane Renders (Quick Tip)
16 mins
05_How to Save Octane Renders
38 mins
06_Rendering With An Alpha Channel
14 mins
07_Render Passes (A.K.A. Multipass)
51 mins
08_Z-Depth Pass
32 mins
09_Part 2 Z-Depth Pass
20 mins
10_Three Infinite Floor Effects
34 mins
11_Using Octane Scatter
54 mins
12_Using CSV Files with Octane Scatter
21 mins
12.5_Using CSV in C4D R20+
16 mins
13_Using Fog and VDB Volumes
50 mins
14_Fog and Volumetric Lights With Octane Environment
57 mins
15_Rendering The Hair Object
36 mins
16_Rendering Splines as Hair-Mesh
13 mins
19_Irradiance Mode
7 mins
20_Substance To Octane Workflow
21 mins
Advanced Materials
01_Octane Composite Material
22 mins
02_Metallic Material
60 mins
03_Octane Universal Material
59 mins
04_Octane Layered Material
39 mins
05_Mixing Materials Displacement Maps
48 mins
06_Subsurface Scattering With Diffuse Materials
45 mins
07_Subsurface Scattering With Specular Materials
30 mins
Advanced Camera Settings
01_Baking With The Octane Camera
(1h 08m 06s)
X-Particles and Turbulence FD
01_Using The X-Particles Emitter
28 mins
02_Rendering X-Particle Trails
30 mins
03_Using Turbulence FD With Octane
47 mins
Octane V4.0 Updates
How to Update to Octane V4.0
Stutter During Node Editing Fix
01_Octane DeNoiser
29 mins
02_Light Exclusion (Separating Objects From Lights)
27 mins
03_A Different way to Save Still Renders
22 mins
Octane 2018/2019
01_Ai Up-Sampler
32 mins
Project Videos
01_Realistic Diamond Scene
57 mins
02_Canyon Environment Part 1
(1h 04m 35s)
03_Canyon Environment Part 2
(1h 03m 16s)
04_Compositing Onto Video Footage
(1h 13m 44s)
05_X-Particles Abstract Render Part-1
(1h 51m 37s)
Retexturing a Character in Octane
(1h 24m 07s)
Break Down Videos
01_Fruit Cutting Board Render
(1h 34m 20s)
Asset Files
C4D Layouts.zip
50.9 KB
Canyon With Assets.zip
873 MB
Octane Standalone Scene Files.zip
176 MB
Scene Files.zip
484 MB
363 MB
Physically Correct Metallic Materials.zip
28 MB
Fire Explosion VDBs
Texture Haven Octane MP Free Samples.zip
573 MB
Compositing onto video footage.zip
1.36 GB
Mesh Evo Characture.zip
161 MB


What’s Included​​​​​​​?

90+ videos: All the videos in this course will be available to stream online. Topics include, but are not limited to: Basic introduction, render settings, material creation, node editor, Octane lights, Octane HDRI environments, Octane daylight, object buffers, multipass, compositing in 3rd party applications such as After Effects and Photoshop, render layers, fog, and volumetric lighting, 3rd party plugins and programs like X-Particles, Turbulence FD, and Substance Painter, and much more.

Continued updates: I will continue to update the Octane Master Course with new videos that will reflect any changes that are made to Octane Render C4D, including updates for Octane render V4.0.
I will continue to do this till the course is fully completed on August 15, 2019.

Additional videos: More videos will be added periodically that will reflect any new effects, techniques, or just anything cool I figured out how to make or do. Plans currently include Neon lights, Magic Potion Bottles, a Realistic Earth, and Diamond textures, with more to come.

Scene Files: Complete with free PBR Octane materials, 3d models, and VDB volumes to help you see firsthand how things are done.

Octane Master Course Discord Channel: A place for all members of the Master Course to hang out and ask questions, complete with live support from me on any Octane-related questions. As a member of the Octane Master Course, you will be part of a group that determines what I will release next. If majority of the group wants me to make a video first on Octane V4.0's new noise reduction system instead of another feature I had planned, that is what I'll teach first.

How long do you plan on updating the course?

I will continue to update the Octane Master Course with new content and updates for over two years after launch till its fully completed on August 15, 2020.

I work for a company, do you provide bulk/business pricing?

Yes I do! For bulk or business pricing options, please contact me on my website at this link here.

Creating in 3D, learning, and teaching, are the passions that drove me to where I am today.

I'm a 3D motion graphics artist that has been in the industry for over 8 years. My tools of choice are Cinema 4D, Octane render, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine. My goal is to use these tools to create art that inspires others, and share what I've learned with the world!