Texture Haven Octane Material Pack by John Burdock

Texture Haven Octane Material Pack

100+ Octane materials based on maps from Texture Haven, plus free updates for one year after launch.


100+ Octane materials based on maps from Texture Haven. Each one is carefully laid out using the new Universal Material and individually tweaked to look its best in Octane Render on any platform. Free updates available for one year after launch.

Rob Tuytel at Texture Haven

About Rob Tuytel at Texture Haven
Rob Tuytel is the amazing artist behind making these incredible PBR Image Textures from scans of real world materials. He continually updates his site with more image textures regularly. Rob is supported by his Patrons, so if you want to see even more free maps in the future, I’d encourage you to support his Patreon:

[Check out Texture Haven here] [Patreon Link]

All of Texture Haven’s texture maps are 100% free under the cc0 license,  Great maps are only half the battle in an engine such as Octane, and it can take a lot of time and effort to customize each one to look as realistic as possible. I’ve spent countless hours doing just that so you don’t have to. Rather than go down the Patreon route myself, I’ve decided to charge a small flat fee for all of the conversions, and future ones within the year as well.

I worked closely with Rob to make sure he approved of using his textures in this way. In the spirit of providing assets anyone can use for any reason, I’ve made the Octane Material Pack CC0 as well, so you can feel free to remix them, distribute them, or use them in any other way you please. It’s the hope of both Rob and myself that this project will get a wider audience and more support for Texture Haven.

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Octane Universal Material

Every single material in this pack is made with the Most advanced Octane Material to date, the Octane Universal Material.
This means every single material type, from Bricks, Wood, Plaster, Metal, and even Snow are all made using one single material.

Map it your way!

All the image textures are first run through a triplanner node, with its projection set to UV mapping. This mean you can, in a single click, enable and disable triplanner mapping on a whim!

4k With Easy Swap to 8k!

Every material is made with PBR 4k images right out of the box. If you require even higher resolutions though, you can easily swap out the 4k textures in your scene with 8k ones by using the Octane Texture manager! Check out the video for more info!

Optimized From The Ground Up

I’ve optimized the settings in all the materials, such as using only grayscale textures for roughness and bump, and using JPEG versions of the textures for all the channels except displacement where a higher bit depth really impacts the quality.

Quality Preset Displacement

I’ve adjusted the displacement levels on all textures to match real-world scale, so if your scene is set up like this, you can just drag and drop the material.

Two Library Formats

To maximize availability I've made this entire material library available in .lib4d and Octane .orbx file formats. So even if you dont use Cinema 4D, you can load the Octane LiveDB materials into any Octane supported 3D program.

For C4D users, a .lib4d file is included which allows you to see thumbnails of every material in the content browser.
For non Cinema 4D users, or those who would rather use the Octane LiveDB, you wont get the Texture Haven pictures on each material to preview, but you will still get a a high quality pre-generated preview to help you decide which material to select.

What's included?

Video Icon 3 videos File Icon 14 files Text Icon 1 text file


Instruction Videos
Installing in the Cinema 4D Content Browser
15 mins
Installing in the Octane LiveDB
19 mins
Swapping 4k Textures to 8k
31 mins
Cinema 4D Content Browser
texture haven mp.7z.001
3.42 GB
texture haven mp.7z.002
3.42 GB
texture haven mp.7z.003
2.27 GB
Octane LiveDB
860 MB
159 MB
227 MB
219 MB
552 MB
930 MB
967 MB
487 MB
674 MB
1.18 GB
2.1 GB


How long will the Texture Haven Octane Material Pack Receive Updates?

This Material pack will continue to receive updates that reflect the current listing of materials on the Texture Haven website, until May 15th, 2020.
This will ensure the course will stay updated for over a year after its launch.