Spline Modeling for 3D Printing in Cinema 4D by John Burdock

Spline Modeling for 3D Printing in Cinema 4D

Easily lean to make complex shapes with Spine modeling and then 3D print it on shapeways.com! No 3D printer required!

100% Free!

This is a very old course I made quite some time ago, it by no means represents my current knowledge of 3D nor the quality of my current tutorials. I'm giving this away for free because I want users to have a chance to sample the platform and see how they like it. If you like what you see, check out my paid Octane Master Course by clicking the button bellow!
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Lean to easily create complex shapes with Spline Modeling! Such as cup/glass types of objects that can be 3D printed!

Add Your Own Detail

Take it a step further and add your own details to your object.

3D Print it!

Finish up by learning how to 3D print your object using shapeways.com! No 3D Printer Required! 
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Shape Ways

What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos


1 Introduction
2 mins
2 Before we Begin
2 mins
3 Deciding on scale
7 mins
4 Spline Modeling
14 mins
5 Hollowing out your moddel
5 mins
6 Measuring Wall thickness
4 mins
7 Optimizing your model for printing
4 mins
8 Rotating your model for Printing
3 mins
9 Exporting Your model for Printing
7 mins
10 Uploading your model to shapeways
18 mins
11 Class Project
1 min

Creating in 3D, learning, and teaching, are the passions that drove me to where I am today.

I'm a 3D motion graphics artist that has been in the industry for over 8 years. My tools of choice are Cinema 4D, Octane render, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine. My goal is to use these tools to create art that inspires others, and share what I've learned with the world!


Is it really free?

Yes it is! This course is %100 free!

Its also yours to keep forever!

Do I need a 3D Printer?

Nope! No 3D printer required! In this course I show how to 3D print with a site called shapeways.com, where you upload your model, and then they 3D print it and ship it right to your door!

what software to I have to have to follow along with?

You need Cinema 4D R16 or higher to follow along, C4D R15-13 may work as well, but some aspects may be off a little.