This section is dedicated to marking down current and previous updates to the Texture Haven Octane Material Pack.

The Texture Haven Octane Material Pack is consistently updated every 2 weeks. I update at this schedule because by a span of 2 weeks The Texture Haven site should have at least 2 new materials available.

This Material pack will continue to receive updates that reflect the current listing of materials on the Texture Haven website, until May 15th, 2020.
This will ensure the material pack will stay updated for over a year after its launch.

Updates are listed in top-down order, with latest updates showing up on top, and older updates shown further down.

Update 08/08/2019
Added: Cobblestone_Floor_04 (Floor folder)
Added: Roof_Slates_02 (Roofing folder)
Added: Red_slate_roof_tiles_01 (Roofing folder)
Added: Cobblestone_Large_01 (Terrain folder)

Update 06/20/2019
Added Large_Floor_Tiles_02 (Floor folder) Added Brown_Planks_07 (Wood Folder) Added red_bricks_02 (Bricks Folder) Added white_plaster_03 (Plaster Folder) Added large_grey_tiles (Floor Folder) Added floor_pattern_02 (Floor Folder) Added pavement_01 (Floor Folder) Added rough_block_wall (Bricks Folder)

Update 05/22/2019
Added Shell_Floor_01 (Terrain folder) and Reed_Roof_04 (Roofing Folder) to the C4D and Octane LiveDB packs.

Update 05/07/2019
Added the large_red_bricks material to both the C4D and Octane LiveDB packs.

Texture Haven Octane Material Pack

100+ Octane materials based on maps from Texture Haven, plus free updates for one year after launch.

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