Octane 2018 Update and Pricing


I just learned about more info on the purchase details of octane. The "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle" also comes with a free Render Slave Node License. This means you can also use another computer to help render with. Also, I'm afraid that at the time of making this video, the Octane All-Access system does not include the Octane C4D plugin. This means if you want to use the C4D plugin at all, you must purchase it by selecting it in the license options area.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of the comments have been pressing great frustration with Otoy over this. I understand why you would be frustrated, but please realize that Otoy did not intend to cause a problem, and they are by no means trying to rip off their customers. If you add up everything that you get when purchasing the "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle" its actually a good deal. It's just for someone who's not going to use all the plugins, it seems a tad excessive.
There is also no hiding the fact that dividing their customers into 2 different groups, perpetual licenses Octane 4.0, and subscription licenses Octane 2018, respectively, is a less than perfect pricing system.

This all said I feel very confident that Otoy will resolve this, and I have already heard from friends who contacted customer support that Otoy is considering a better pricing system.

I'm also trying my best to persuade them to make some changes.

Sorry for some of the misinformation in the video, this is something we are all trying to understand :).

Here is a link to Octanes website.

For a written version of this video, read bellow :)!

Octane 2018 is out right now, but with this, there comes a lot of questions.

 One of the first questions you might have is what is octane 2018?
Octane 2018 is the latest version of octane render, where octane has moved away from naming in a numbered order, like version 3.5 and 4.0.

#1 What's Octanes new naming system.
Instead, Otoy is now naming there latest version based on the year the first working prototype of it was first made, such as 2018 for the current release. As newer updates come out, they will simply add a "." and a number at the ender of the yearly name. For example, at the time of writing this article, the latest version of octane render out right now is "Octane Render 2018.1-R3". Octane has kept the same subclass naming system for there updates, however. This is the "R3" at the end of the names. If an update is too small to merit an upgrade from .1 to .2, it will get an R and then a number at the end of it instead. For example, older versions could be called "Octane Render 2018.1-R2", while a small update to it would change its name to "Octane Render 2018.2-R3".
An important thing to note though, is Otoy does not always update in this linear fashion, some times the entire R1-R3 update line will be skipped, and they will simply just change it from Octane "2018.1" to "2018.2", or if the update is big enough, they might even skip .2 .3 and even .4, and go straight to "Octane Render 2018.5". The main thing to remember here is that there naming of an update is based more so on how big of an update they deem it to be, rather than going up in direct order.

#2 Do I already own Octane 2018?
The next question you might have is, do I own Octane 2018?
This is a big question for most users who have Octane. This is because Otoy has always given users who own Octane render 3.0 or higher, free updates on any new releases.
I'm afraid that this now comes to an end.
"Octane Render 4.02.1-R3" was the last stable release that is available for users who have purchased "Octane Render 3.0".
This means if you would like to have access to Octane Render 2018, you will have to purchase/upgrade to it under there new pricing system.

So just to be clear, Octane Render 4.02.1-R3 marked the end of free updates for users who originally purchased octane render 3.0 or Octane render 4.0.
If you would like to keep getting updates, you will have to pay for Octane render 2018.

#3 What is the new pricing system?
You may also be wondering what Otoy's new pricing system is for Octane render 2018.
I'm afraid that it's a little complicated, so bear with me as we walk through this :).

Otoy now has two pricing options for Octane Render.

The first option is to buy "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle". This gives you access to Octane Render 4.0, a plugin of your choice, and a 12-month subscription to something called "Octane All Access."
The "Octane All Access" is Otoys new subscription system that gives you access to Octane 2018 and up.
Please note: you can only get "Octane All Access" by first owning Octane 4.0, and then paying a monthly/yearly subscription for it.
If you buy "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle" you get your first 12 months of "Octane All Access" included. After the 12 months expire, however, you will have to renew your subscription, which, at the time of writing this article, is $199 a year.
Now, "Octane All Access", as its name implies, gives you access to everything Octane Render.
This means you get every single version of Octane Render, which includes Octane standalone, Octane C4D, Octane Maya, and any other Octane Plugin they make.
It's important to note: even though your subscription to "Octane All Access" gives you access to everything Octane, the plugin you select in the "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle" is the only plugin you get to keep forever. All the other plugins you get access to during your subscription will be lost when your subscription ends. you will only get to keep the 4.0 versions of octane on the Standalone and the Plugin you choose.

On top of this, you also have some flexibility in your perpetual purchasing options, by just buying an Octane plugin, or just Octane 4.0 and a Plugin combo. Note that both of these options do not come with a subscription to "Octane All Access".

Another thing to realize is if you already own Octane render 4.0, you can subscribe to Octane render 2018 without having to buy Octane Render 4.0 again. Thank goodness for that right :).

Now, if you have octane render 3.0, you will first have to upgrade to octane render 4.0 first, and then upgrade to octane 2018.
The good news here is upgrading from Octane 3.0 to 4.0 is free. But again, upgrading to Octane 2018 is not.

Now their second pricing system is a Renting option.
Just like there Octane 2018 subscription system, you will lose access to everything once your purchase period as expired.
Another important thing to note is that unlike "Octane All Access" you will only be able to use a single Octane plugin of your choosing. This means you select to start renting the Octane C4D plugin, that's all you will get access to. You will not be able to use the Blender, Maya, or Lightwave version of the Octane plugin.
you also won't get an Octane Render 4.0 license that lasts forever, like the "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle".

So if you want to use more then just one Octane Render plugin, it might be better to get "Octane All Access" instead of using the renting options.
This said you can only get "Octane All Access" If you already own Octane 4.0. Again though, you can also get it if you have Octane 3.0, but you must first upgrade it for free to Octane render 4.0 and then to octane render 2018 with a paid subscription.

#4 Summing every thing up.
So to sum everything up, if you want to use a lot of different Octane Render plugins, like C4D, Maya, and Blender, it might be better to first buy the outdated version of Octane, 4.0, and then upgrade to the Octane All Access subscription. Or if you already own Octane 4.0, then you might as well just get the Octane All Access subscription over renting it, because its the same price, at least at the time of writing this article.

Now if you don't own Octane already, and you want to use Octane render 2018, and you only want 1 to use a single plugin, then the cheapest option would be to just rent the single plugin of your choice, which is $20 a month, or $200 a year, at least at the time of writing this article.

With any luck, Otoy will change this unbelievably complex pricing system soon, but until then, this is what we are stuck with.

Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope you found it helpful :)!

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