Update 06/13/2019

This section is dedicated to tracking the latest updates for the Octane Master Course.

Updates will be listed in a top-down format, with the most recent updates shown at the top, and older updates being shown towards the bottom.

Update 07/08/2020
Hey all! Today's update adds a video on the Random Walk Subsurface scattering node! This is an incredibly powerful node that helps to create really realistic SSS that does a particularly excellent job of creating good SSS for Skin.
Look forward to many more updates in the future!

Update 05/07/2020
Hello everyone! Today's update adds a video on the MG color node. Also known as the Mograph color node.
In this video, I go over everything you could ever want to know about using the Mograph color to take color data from Mogrpah objects like the C4D cloner and running that color data into octane! To be honest, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to get a video out on this topic. But better late than never, it's here :)!

Update 04/21/2020
Hey everyone! Sorry, it's taken me so long to get a new video out for the course, have had a lot of things going on, such as moving everything into my own makeshift studio, so I can make tutorials much faster now :)!
Today's update is a new video on the Octane Planetary object! This is an incredibly powerful tool in octane for creating a very realistic planet and space scene.
You can find the video under the lighting section of the course. https://store.epicjcreations.com/courses/octane-master-course/27002-lighting/757423-05_using-octane-planetary

Update 12/31/2019
Hello, everyone! I would like to first wish you all a Happy New Year! I can't believe we are already in 2020, and I'm super excited to create even more octane tutorials threw out the new year :)!

To start, here is a new video on how to create a CSV file in C4D R20+
This is a video I made before, but since then C4D removed support for the coding language COFFIE, which is what the old CSV generator ran under.

Thankfully Augustoemanuele Dal Moro spent a lot of time and ended up finding a new workflow for R20+ users to use. He was kind enough to share what he learned with me, enabling me to make this video :).
Big thanks man, really appreciate it :)!

Best wishes to you all! May the new Octane year be even better than the last!

Update 12/18/2019
Hello, everyone!

Sorry, it been so long since I've updated the course, I've been having PC trouble and it slowed me down a bit. The good news is everything is fixed and I'm back at 100% tutorial creation speed! To start it off, I created a new tutorial on using the Ai Up-Sampler in Octane render. This is a really good one, that I think you all will like :)!

Look forward to more updates in the future!

Update 11/22/2019
Hello, Everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend. Today's update adds a new video about the Octane Layered Material. This is an incredibly powerful material that's been added to Octane 2019, and it's one of my new favorites! I highly recommend checking it out!
Note: I'm afraid that Octane 4.0 users will not be able to follow along in this video because the Octane Layered Material is not available.

Update 11/06/2019
Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a good day! Today's update is a single video, but it's a big one. in this video, I show how to retexture a character in Octane Render C4D. This video is over an hour-long but contains massive amounts of info on setting up and using a character in C4D with Octane render. 

To top everything off, I did this video in collaboration with Mesh Evo, a new course that teaches you everything you could ever want to know about character creation in Cinema 4D. I recommend this course to anyone who's wanted to learn more about character creation, such as rigging, modeling, weighting, and even texturing in body paint.
the creators of the course were kind enough to also give me a 10% code to share with you all :)!

Update 10/13/2019
Hey all! This is a small update to the C4D layouts file for R21 users, I have a fully functional Octane Object drop-down menu now part of the layout. So R21 users can now more easily get Octane objects like there used to in previous versions of C4D. You can download this under the asses files section named C4D Layouts.

Update 09/3/2019
Hello, everyone! This is a small update that adds a video called "Handling Videos with Older Versions of Octane". This video is meant to explain how I go about updating older videos, and what I recommend doing when you run into a video that uses an older version of Octane render then what you have.
This video can be found at the top of the course underneath the update page.

Update 08/27/2019
Hello, everyone!  Big update today!

This update brings a new video series to the course called "Project Breakdown Videos". You can find this new video, and the series, at the bottom of the course.

These are videos that focus on deconstructing and going over scene files that I've already made. Such as the iconic fruit renders I've done which is what this video will focus on, along with plans to feature many other renders I've created for the future. The goal with this series is to cover a larger amount of advanced topics, go over more content, and a bigger scene in less time then if I would walk you through it from scratch.

This video series is more focused on advanced users who have a good knowledge of octane and have completed a decent amount of the course. So its recommended that newer users first watch the project videos before watching this, as you may feel a little lost and overwhelmed.
If this happens, not to worry, just go up to the other videos in the course and work your way back down. Before you know it, theses video will be a piece of cake to understand! if not, then that means I messed up as a teacher, not you :).

look forward to many more updates to come in the future!
Excited to have this 6-month extension to the course in full swing!

Update 08/19/2019
Hello, everyone, I hope your all doing well :)!

No new content in this update, this is just an announcement I wanted to make.

Over a year ago, I officially launched the Octane Master Course on August 15th. In a year, the course has expanded and updated to keep up with the latest stable release of Octane render for Cinema 4D.

The acceptance of the course has been fare more than I ever could have expected, and right now the Octane Master Course still holds strong as the most advanced and in-depth octane training available.
I'm so incredibly honored that so many people have purchased the course so far, and the acceptance of it has been incredibly positive. My heart has been touched by so many students with kind and excited comments on how much they are enjoying the course. I can't tell you how much theses have meant to me.

My original plan was to stop updates for the course on August 15, a year after launch.

This said, the course has done so well, and the acceptance of it has been so great, that I just can't let it end here.

The Octane Master Course means a lot to mean, I've put hundreds of hours into it, and I truly feel I've only just scratched the surface of Octane users I can reach.

On top of this, Octane 2019 and Octane moving into 2020 looks incredibly promising, with huge updates in the works.

This is why I'm extending the update period for the course by an additional 6 months. This means updates will not end for the course until February 15th, 2020. All of this will be a free update for existing users of the Octane master course, and the price will not go up. It will still be $299 to purchase the course.

Thank you all so much for purchasing the Octane Master Course, and for giving me the honor of helping to expand your Octane knowledge over the last year.

Here is to another 6 months! Let's take this course to the next level, where it will be so big, that it will become even more of beacon that draws in Octane C4D users from all over the world.

Update 07/29/2019
Hello, everyone!

Today's update is a big one! At almost 2 hours long, I don't recommend doing this video straight though, feel free to take breaks!

This video is a project-based one, where we will learn how to create an abstract X-Particles render. The goal of this video its to take everything you have learned so far, and cement it in a real-world project!

Note: This video is part of a 2 part series, this is video 1 of the 2, and the second part will be available soon.

Link to video

Update 07/11/2019
Hello, everyone! This update adds a second part to the Z-depth Pass video, and its called "09_Part 2 Z-Depth Pass". You can find this video under the advanced section.
This video shows an alternative way of fixing the alpha you get on your Z-depth Pass out of Octane. This method does the fixing in After Effects instead of in Octane. Both methods have there pros and cons, but In my opinion, using the After Effects method shown in this video is better. Hope you all find this video helpful, and look forward to more updates in the future!

Update 06/30/2019
Hello, everyone! Hope you're having a good weekend so far!
Today's update to the course shows you how to mix two materials together with a specific focus on mixing their displacement maps together.
I do all this using two Octane universal materials under a mixed material. The video is called "04_Mixing Materials Displacement Maps" and it can be found under the Advanced Materials section of the course.
This method of material mixing can be used to mix 2 or more materials together to create new cool material types and look. like a more organic mix of brick flooring and dirt, like what's shown in this latest render I did with this technique here.

The new tutorial can be found here.

Update 06/13/2019
Hello, everyone! This update brings a highly requested video, the Octane Universal Material!

This is the most advanced material Octane has ever had, and its already gone through a few changes since its first launch. So this is definitely a video you will want to check out :)!

I've also created a new section on the course, called Advanced Materials, and this can be found under the advanced Techniques section of the course.

I've also moved the Octane Metallic material, and the Octane Blender Material videos into this section, as its a much better fit for new users going through the course and when they will learn about them.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Update 05/26/2019
Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a good weekend!

I have another update for the course out right now under the Octane 4.0 section of the course.
This video is called "03_A Different way to Save Still Renders".
In this video I show how to properly save Octane still renders that you want to stop partway through. This way, you can simply set your max sample count to the max, and stop the render whenever it looks good enough. I also show the best practices for figuring out the max samples you need for your render to look clean for those who prefer a more traditional approach to saving stills.

Update 05/21/2019
Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well! Today I have a big update for the course! Its a highly requested video that shows how to set up and composite an Octane render onto video footage with after effects. This video will talk about how to set up the proper settings and objects in your Octane C4D scene, as well as bonus information on compositing it in after effects and color corrections tips to fully cement that objects believability in your final shot!
This video called "04_Compositing Onto Video Footage" and can be found under the Project Videos section of the course.

On top of this, I've also added an Updates page at the top of the course, that shows all the update new I've posted in this discord chat, so for non Discord users, they can still stay updated on new changes.

Things have been a little slow lately with updates, but that's all going to change, as I've now gotten some work done that I've needed to do, and I can put more time into making more videos for the course.
Look forward to many more updates to come!

Update 05/08/2019
I have very big news everyone, I have finally launched a new product on the store! It's a new material pack made for Octane render! Its made 100% with the image textures from Texture Haven.com  and to celebrate this launch, I'm giving away a free sample pack of 10 materials for free to all Octane master course members. You can download them now under the download section on the course :)!

On top of this, I'm having an early bird launch safe for the texture pack right now, that means you can buy the texture pack for only $59.00, instead of the normal $79.00. This early bird sale is open for everyone to take advantage of for the first week of launch, after that the price for it will go up to $79.00 for everyone. That is, everyone except, Octane master course members! Who will always have early bird pricing! I'm doing this as a big thank you for everyone who has purchased the course so far :)!
For more information check out the link below!

PS, look forward to many more updates to come!

Update 04/04/2019
Hey all :)! Today's update is a video with a written article apart of its description, so if you feel more like reading today instead of watching a video, that option is available as well :)! This video/article is all about the new version of Octane render, as well as Otoy's new pricing system. Hope everyone finds this helpful :)! https://store.epicjcreations.com/courses/octane-master-course/70461-octane-2018/203141-octane-2018-update-and-pricing Also Note: I have added this new video and article under a new tab on the Octane Master Course called Octane 2018.

Update 03/18/2019
Hey, everyone, I hope your all doing well :)!

This s really quick update here, I just made a small article on the octane Master Course "Octane V4.0 Updates section.
The article is called "Stutter During Node Editing Fix".

This show how to fix a stuttering/lag issue some users may be experiencing when adjusting parameters on nodes very quickly.

As always, hope you find this helpful, and look forward to more updates to come :)

Update 02/18/2019

Hello, Everyone! I hope you're having a great start to your week!

I have 2 new videos added in this update.

Both of them are part of a 2 part video that teaches you how to create a realistic landscape in Octane Render C4D

I've attached an image showing what we will learn to make.

This is a really big one, each video is over an hour long, and it is meant for users who have completed most of the course, or have a very good knowledge of Octane in C4D. This video is meant to take everything you have learned so far and put it use in a real-world project!

Update 01/11/2019
Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a great week!

I have another update for you all, this one is the first video in the Project focused video line.

Instead of focusing on new features and how they work, we take everything we have learned so far and bring it all together in a full project. From start to finish I show you how to take everything we have learned so far throughout the course and bring it all together in a real-world example.

The video can be found at the bottom of the course page under the new "Project Videos" section.
I've name this video 01_Realistic Diamond Scene.

Look forward to many more video updates in the future!

Excited for the future,

Update 12/25/2018
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you're having a great holiday! I'm so incredibly honored to have so many amazing students! To help show my appreciation for all of your support, I am launching another update for the course! This video will talk all about the Z-Depth pass inside Cinema 4D and Octane Render.

This is a video that I've made before, in fact, I had 2 videos on this topic. I'm happy to say that I came up with a much better method this time around, and its a far smoother process that takes less work to set up. This is why I'm replacing both of the other videos with this new method.

The video is called "08_Z-Depth Pass" and its located under the advanced techniques section of the course.

I hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful. Please let me know what you think of it in the comment below on the course page!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone for purchasing this course, It truly is an honor to have you all here.

Look forward to many more updates to come! John.

Update 12/18/2018
Hello every one! Hope your having a great week! Just finished another video for the course, this one is all about creating an Infinite Floor effect inside Cinema 4D and Octane render. The video is under the Advanced Techniques section, and its called "10_Three Infinite Floor Effects".

This video shows the 3 best ways to create an infinite floor effect, In my opinion :)!

Hope you all enjoy this!

Update 12/09/2018
Hey all! Another update is out right now! This update brings another video talking about Octane 4.0 features!

The new video is called "02_Light Exclusion (Separating Objects From Lights)" This video talks all about the new Light exclusion controls that 4.0 added. This is one of the biggest, and most powerful features added to 4.0 in my opinion. This gives you the control to make it so a light can shine on your object of interest, say for example a sphere, but not on the floor. You have full control over what lights can, and can not shine on.
Check the video out in the link below!

Update 11/29/2018
Here is the first video for Octane V4.0!

This video talks all about arguably one of the best new features added to Octane recently, the Octane Denoiser.
I'm blown away by how well this feature works, so I made a very in-depth video on it.
Check it out in the link below!

Note: Octane V4.0 does come with a few bugs. One of them is that C4D becomes very slow and laggy while rendering, this is apparent in the video, so I may redo it at another time. For now, though, I wanted to get a video out and show what I learned as soon as possible for you all. Just be away that this video very well may be redone later on.

Update 11/22/2018
The Stable version of Octane V4.0 Is out right now for Cinema 4D! I created a quick write up walking users of Octane V3.0 or higher to update right now! https://store.epicjcreations.com/courses/octane-master-course/40513-octane-v4-0-updates/116789-how-to-update-to-octane-v4-0

Update 11/02/2018
Happy Friday everyone! I have a big update for everyone today!

There is a new video added to the Octane Master Course and a new free download on top of that!

The latest video is all about the Octane Metallic Material.
It's the most in-depth and advanced video on the Metallic material to date, so this is a video that I think almost everyone can benefit from :)!
The video is located under the Materials section, and its called "04_Metallic Material".

The new free download is a series of 10 Metallic materials, that I have made to be 100% physically correct for each of there corresponding material types.
This means each material has had the proper IOR values type into each of them so there reflections and falloff values are 100% scientifically correct!
The process I used to make these materials is exactly like I show in the latest video "04_Metallic Material", I've just gone ahead and done all the heavy lifting so you can focus on making what you want, and not typing in a bunch of numbers :)!

The 10 free materials contain Gold, Copper, Led, Silver, Platinum, and much more! Try it out now under the "Asset Files" Section at the top of the course! You can also check out the picture below for more info!

Update 10/17/2018
Another update for you guys!

This update adds a new video that's all about the Octane Blend Material :)!

I know this was one of high demand, so I hope you all find this one helpful :)!

You can find this video under the "Nodes" section of the course, and it's named "06_Octane Blend Material".

Thanks again everyone for purchasing the Octane Master Course! look forward to many more updates to come!

Update 10/08/2018
The latest update for the Octane Master Course is out now!

This update includes 2 new videos in the advanced section of the course!
The first one is video "8_Z-Depth Pass" and the second is video "9_Z-Depth Pass (Quick Tip).
Both videos talk about how to properly export out a Z-Depth pass from octane render in the best way possible.

The quick tip video is for users that don't want an exhausted explanation of the entire process, and instead, just want to know just how to make it work :).
This said, I would recommend all users to watch the full version, first, and then use the quick tip as a refresher later on if needed :).

Look forward to more updates to come!

Update 10/02/2018
Podia Just added support for comments on each video! You can now leave review/comments on each video and I can respond to them as well :D!

Update 10/01/2018
Hello, everyone!
Updates have been a little slow lately. This is due to a lot of work I've been doing with getting the course setup, marketing it, and managing sales. I've got everything sorted out though, and I have a lot more free time now! So rest assured that updates will be coming out much more frequently now!

Road map:
My plan right now for the course is to finish up all the material videos, and the node videos,
as well as talk in more detail about the multi-pass system. My goal is to get these videos done before the commercial launch of Octane V4.0 for C4D, so I can devote my full time to making videos for that :)!

This update brings a new video for X-Particles in Octane Render!

You can check it out at the bottom of the course under the "X-Particles and Turbulence FD" section.
The video is called "02_Rendering X-Particle Trails"
You can also check it out by clicking the link below :)!

Thanks again so much for being apart of the Octane Master Course Family,

PS. Having trouble getting your Z-depth pass to work? Not to fear! That's the next video planed to be made, and its a good one!

Update 09/09/2018
Hello, everyone!
The latest update for the Octane Master Course is now live!

Update includes:

New video: "17_Substance To Octane Workflow" This is under the Advanced Techniques section. Also added a new scene file to go along with this video, which you can get by re-downloading the "Scene Files" Folder.
This video teaches the best workflow to bring in image textures from substance painter to Octane render in C4D. If you use substance painter with Octane render at all, this video is for you!

New Video: "08_Basic Render Settings" This video is in the Overview section.
This is a great video for new Octane users, as it goes over the Octane Render settings in a really great introductory format :).

Moved: "16_Irradiance Mode" has been moved down to Advanced Techniques as it seemed like a more fitting location for it.

Thanks again everyone for being apart of the Octane Master Course Family!

Look forward to many more updates to come

Update 08/20/2018
Just added a new video to the course! Its called "01_Using The X-Particles Emitter". I also moved the "02_Using Turbulence FD With Octane" tutorial down into its own section with the X particles one, and the new section is called  "X-Particles and Turbulence FD". You can see all this at the bottom of the course :).

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